Adena & her pittie Cody enjoying a day at the park!
Adena & her pittie Cody enjoying a day at the park!

Training Dogs & Those Who Love Them!!!  Since 2001


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Generation Pets offers certified canine behavior counseling and dog training through private one on one sessions in your home and custom training.  We use only positive reinforcement techniques that dogs respond much better to than negative reinforcement methods such as the shock collar or choke chain.  Dogs respond much better to this type of approach and owners love it!  It makes training your dog fun and enjoyable and you are building a beautiful bond between you and your canine!  

Generation Pets takes pride in fostering and strengthening the bond between humans and canines through education and positive interaction.  Through private one on one sessions, consultations and seminars, we provide our clients with an in depth understanding of how dogs think and learn as well as why they exhibit certain behaviors that might be considered to be "unwanted".  We work with dogs from all different backgrounds and situations.

Our connection to our clients does not end when our sessions are over.  We are committed to providing ongoing assistance and help however we can.  Humans think as humans and dogs react as dogs.  It is our job to help both species connect and communicate with one another effectively to facilitate a relationship that is rich and rewarding!  Call Us:   862.600.1967


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Adena, a certified canine behavior counselor and trainer is a graduate of the Animal Behavior Center of New York.  She has been operating Generation Pets since 2001.  Adena specialized in the psychological elements of dog behavior.  She is skilled at handling intense aggression (territorial, dominance, food/object, inter-dog) and anxiety issues.  She is committed to ensuring that canines maintain their homes by thoroughly educating owners and following through to gauge results.

Canine behavior issues


 Do you live with a canine that tries to bite you or snarls if you take their food away?  How about a toy?

Does your canine growl if you try to move them off the bed or couch?  Do they try to jump and mount you or anyone else coming into your home?

Does your dog lunge at new people coming into your home?  Or when they approach you on the street?  Are you dealing with non stop barking when someone new comes into the home, in the car if a person passes by or while they are in a fenced in backyard?

Does your dog become extremely aroused in the presence of another dog?  Do they try to lunge at them?  Are you trying to avoid other dogs on a walk because of this behavior?

Do Not Hesitate To Call Us!


Behavior vs obedience training


Dogs need training for behavior, obedience and sometimes breed specific training.  Whether you are a new dog owner or have had a canine friend for a long time, you will want to make sure that your dog is properly trained.  Generation Pets has always combined behavior and obedience training package plans.  Dogs need both!

Behavioral dog training focuses on teaching your dog the difference between right and wrong.  Even when you are not around.  Behavior training focuses on preventing bad habits to becoming a "lifestyle" for your dog.  Obedience training focuses on teaching your dog commands both on and off leash.

Puppies have different lessons that they need to learn such as house training, mouthing and biting on the leash while you are trying to walk them!

Canine Behavior Issues

territorial aggression


Your dog will try to protect anything he/she considers to be their territory.  Your home, fenced in yard, the car, their crate.  They will lunge and try to bite any human or dog that invades what they consider to be their space.

Dominance aggression


Signs of a dominant dog is when they are laying on top of the bed or couch and start growling at anyone that comes near them.  They will also try to mount any human or dog that is present to exhibit their authority over them.

Food/object aggression


Signs are when your dog is growling at you over the food bowl.  Not so much with dry food but wet food or cooked meat with rice.  Any object that he/she considers to be "high value".  A pencil, a stick, rawhide, bones, filled Kongs etc.

interdog aggression


If your dog was not well socialized as a pup or had a bad experience with another dog in a play period...they might develop interdog aggression.  That is when they want to lunge and attack any dog they see.  Please DO NOT try to socialize them on your own without contacting us first!

separation anxiety


This is when your dog will urinate, defecate, destroy and/or vocalize every time they are left alone.  This is not a house training issue.  This is a very serious panic disorder.



Ears and tail down in moments of fear.  Will urinate themselves, start shaking and panting.  Sulk and want to bolt out of the situation that is scaring them.


Puppy kindergarten

Puppy Kindergarten begins at 8 weeks old until 6 months old which is sexual maturity.  When learning about your new puppy the focal points in the beginning are dealing with the mouthing, house training and them biting on the leash!  We teach elimination on command, crate training and how to monitor the food and water they are digesting.  Puppies get into everything!  So we must puppy proof our homes like we would baby proof them with our children.  Always to keep them safe from harm.  Commands are also taught such as sit, down, release word, quiet!, wait, walking nicely on leash, leave it and off! (jumping up on people).  Puppy to puppy socialization is extremely important and desensitizing them to all sights and sounds is crucial.  All of these things are discussed in our one on one sessions as well as putting them in all of these different scenarios to teach them!  Most importantly...we have fun while we learn and you are building a beautiful bond between you and your new pup by understanding each other with clear communication!  

basic obedience

Basic Obedience starts from 6 months of age and older.  We teach our dogs to focus on us vs the environment which is not easy to do!  We work in your home, backyard, front yard, the park, etc.  We go where the distractions are to teach them to focus on our voice and hand signals. Commands that are taught are sit, down, stay, wait, heel, come, release word, up from down, back up!

Puppy KIndergarten, Basic Obedience, Advanced, Rally-0 Class

Dog Training Classes

Generation Pets Is Now Offering Classes In The Bloomfield Area.  Classes Are 7 Sessions 1 Time Per Week For 1 Hour.  Focal Point Is To Teach Your Dog All The Commands In A Distraction Environment.   Minimum 5 Dogs Per Class!  Call For Days/Times: 862.600.1967.


Custom Training

Custom training is when your dog stays within the home of Generation Pets for a 2 week period.  We teach your dog all the commands that they need to know and also deal with behavior issues if they exist.  Both go "hand in hand".  After the 2 week time period, your family then has to learn and follow the new routine!

Call Us For More Details!!!



irene & oreo


I’m sooooo proud of my Oreo! We had a vet visit for his blood work and no fuss, no barking, growling, attacking of any of all the things we had a month ago. Oreo listened to my voice, my commands and even joined my conversation with the front desk woman by putting his paws up on the desk. A big, huge thank you go to Adena Ferrullo, Edie Monahan McGinn and ANIA because you believed in him from the beginning and gave me strength in curve his “problems”. Of course I still have a lot to go, but this was a great huge step for me and Oreo.  I love you my boy ❤️🐾🐾❤️🐕

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Taylor & Khaleesi


Just a few weeks ago, I found myself searching the internet for top dog trainers and dog schools to help us with our 3 year old German Shepherd, Khaleesi.  Our dog, who is the sweetest GSD in the world, had torn her ACL August 2018 at the park.  After her surgery, she started to experience extreme anxiety, nerves and bark at a dog that frightened her.  This pattern worsened each month turning into her aggressively barking at every dog and even people we would see on our walks.  I found Adena's website which focused on behavior counseling.  I called her after work and immediately got a response from her.  It only took 3 sessions to work with our dog.  Adena was patient, positive and a pleasure to work with.  I recommend her to anyone!  Thank you Adena!  We Love You!

Kristen P. & The boys


Adena's education and training in regards to food aggression, dog to dog aggression, territorial aggression, and guarding issues was wonderful! I was able to manage  my dogs for 13 years after she intervened. It wasn't just a few sessions. She was able to provide support for ongoing changes in my routine throughout my dogs' lives. Marriage, children, moving, and life happens; all while we have our pets. Adena was a major support in allowing me to keep and manage my dogs. There isn't an overnight fix. I made a lifestyle change to live and understand dog behavior. She is a wealth of knowledge. She had seen extreme cases and she speaks on behalf of our pets. Be willing to change habits and how you communicate with your dog. Once you have an obedient companion you will be forever grateful you did.


Richard F


We recently used Adena on the reference of a family friend and after only 2 sessions we had amazing results with our dog! We had previously used other trainers and classes with little or no results with correcting behavior and spending almost $1000 before finding Adena. She was prompt and followed up with us afterwards. Her prices were very reasonable and more importantly she delivered on her promise to correct our dog's behavior. I would highly recommend her.

katie c


Adena is wonderful! I have used her with all my dogs, since 2001 until now! We have done puppy, basic obedience, advance, and even her trick training class. She also worked with my friend's aggressive dog and he has been great for over seven years! She had a talent with all dogs, especially ones with aggression.

cindi & darby


It has been several years since my dog Darby has needed Adena's services.  Thanks to Adena's vast knowledge and expertise, Darby was ultimately trained as a therapy dog and enriched the lives of many senior citizens and disabled individuals.  Thanks Adena


Jane & crew


We used Adena of Generation Pets Dog Training many years ago to help me with my beagle, Sammy, who would lie down on walks and refuse to get up and continue walking.  This behavior happened on every walk and several times during the walk, basically my dog didn't want to go in the direction I was going in but when I would go a direction he wanted, he would magically get up and walk.  It sounds like a silly thing but this happened countless times a day on every single walk, and sometimes in the middle of the street, it was very frustrating and it took all the joy out of walking with my dog.

Adena taught me how to break him of this very annoying habit in pretty much one session!

I was hesitant to go to a dog trainer because in the past, with other dogs and other dog trainers, my experience was terrible.  The past dog trainers were arrogant, patronizing, and basically had no people skills.

Adena was wonderful!  Great people skills and never once made me feel stupid or inadequate.
I would absolutely use her services again if need be.

peter with tiger


After 1 session with Adena....Success!!!

robin & mia


We enjoy all of our lessons with Adena and Mia is "coming" fabulously!  Thanks Adena


Advanced obedience

Teaching all commands "off leash".


Canine Socialization is SO important!

How to best socialize your dog.  Whether a puppy or an older canine who has never played with another dog!


Multiple dog household

Yes!  We can all get along despite our breed and size!.

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